Eileen Murekian

Society often forgets that the Earth’s magic and the Universe’s magic are both interlinked. Both the Universe and Earth alike posess many divine treasures, including human life. Eileen Murekian is a fine artist who explores the colourful, multi-faceted surroundings of the themes of Mother Earth and the Cosmic Ocean, with a primary focus on painting and different forms of 2D and 3D work. The Earth is not insignificant, but rather a result of marvellous and incredibly specific occurrences throughout the history of the Universe; Suffice to say, without our planet, the Universe would not be the same. Likewise, without these tumultuous events, Mother Earth as we know it would not exist. The Earth and Cosmos have an intrinsically symbiotic relationship, and what we observe in both the landscapes in front of us and around us, build up the mystery of the Cosmic puzzle we call the Universe.