Alexandra Marin

Dark side of the Moon  

Alexandra Marin’s practice includes mixed media pieces, often using acrylic, sketch pens and inks but mostly focusing on oil paint, depicting natural settings. Influenced by the sublime and romanticism movements, bringing them into contemporary art of the 21st century, the work revolving around nature and its beauty. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Marin’s work includes man-made constructions, ruins and old architecture as a major inspiration, often finding an interest in architectural structures with a story behind them like castles, ruins, old houses. Taking them apart piece by piece and section by section, then reassembling them onto the canvas in a brand-new way, depicting a whole new abstract structure. Up until now Alexandra Marin’s focus has been on Romanian architecture, as they were born and grew up in Romania, and have explored a lot of Romanian’s castles as a focus of their artwork.