Harry Webber

The Frozen Space Wolf

The Unknown encompasses many different interpretations and concepts, with a consistent presence throughout many myths, legends and phobias. Harry Webber represents the influence of these stories upon his childhood: from his Grandmother’s tales of Titan and Gorgons to his serpentine sketches of Medusa. In his previous exhibition, Coulrophobia, he drew on the unknown and the mysterious to weave an atmosphere which exposes the unconscious fears and paranoia of the audience. 


For this exhibition, Harry portrays a unique narrative, drawing from an iconic mythical creature: the werewolf. The artist uses the intrinsic link between the moon and the werewolf to subvert the normative dangers of space. Harry demonstrates this through sculpture, creating lunar rocks and the wrecked remains of an astronaut helmet suspended within a dense, misty atmosphere of epoxy resin, rendering a typically powerful and violent mythical figure vulnerable in the face of the unknown.