Jem Pranata

'Another way of seeing'

Jem Daisi’s current practice is an environment for experimentation. The European space agency 2021 online exhibition ‘Beyond and between’ lists a series of paintings composed by Jem entitled ‘Another way of seeing’ which explores the notion surrounding the beauty of our natural world, its physical energies and movements as well as exploring earths naturally occurring properties such as rock formations and planet surface qualities. Her work is predominantly influenced by the artistic movement of the sublime, specifically focussing on themes of romanticism and concepts that embody spirituality and dreamlike states. 


‘Another way of seeing’ challenges and analyses some of the following concepts; investigating themes of imagination and nostalgia along with the ‘unknown’ and fascinating idea of optical distortion e.g. how can something make a subject seem so small and insignificant in comparison to another, how your view of a landscape or object can be changed by altering your perception and also how this can project feelings of wonder towards the universe.