Julie Reid 

"It's only one straw." Said 7.8 billion people 

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Julie is an exploratory sculptural and painting artist who fully immerses herself in the transformation of materials, through the physical activity of experimentation and challenging herself to push them further. By this process she is able to translate her creative concepts of sociological ethical issues, such as current ecological challenges and capitalism. 


By doing integral cross-disciplinary research, recently revolving around the European Space Agency, her artistic development grows into a visual voice, with an aim to enhance her viewers’ awareness of the pollution of our planet and engage them with a new perspective that is only observed on a microscopic scale, seen through the mediums of water and photography. 


Through her work in the Beyond and Between Exhibition, she would like to inspire a dialogue regarding the sociological and environmental issues of plastic contamination and how microbes could help to resolve this urgent global concern. The more depth of meaning translated into the piece, the deeper that dialogue can be.