Sophie Baudains

Clandestine Constellation (235cm x 240cm x 330cm) 

Sophie’s work mainly explores the relationship between the human body and emotions. Her choice of materials will vary depending on the piece, however her main area of interest is sculpture. Sophie recently developed an interest in experimenting with other areas, specifically painting, drawing and photography. 

For this project, Sophie originally wanted to create an installation that took the viewer to another place, where there was no feeling of the outside world, and one can be immersed within the artwork. 


This piece takes place within a dark room with painted black walls, floor, and ceiling. Within the room, there are four planets suspended from the ceiling each containing a lightbulb illuminating the planet from the inside, this was to allow the light to be controlled in the space. Sophie purposefully made small holes through the planets to allow the light to escape from specific areas and create patterns on the walls and the floor.

Each planet was made by different size spheres using modroc and plaster. This helped to create the dusty, moon-like texture and colour to each of the planets.